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SmarterBroadband's COVID-19 information

Temporary Company Policies

In light of social distancing recommendations and guidelines set fourth by the CDC and State of California for the protection of our staff, customers, and community these temporary company policies have been implemented.

SmarterBroadband Technicians will not have any direct contact with customers. If Technicians must be dispatched to your location for repairs we ask that you stay in your home or place of business. PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH OUR TECHNICIANS!!!!! You may call our office and they can transfer your call to your tech. Our Technicians will check and repair any equipment on the outside of your home or business but under no circumstance will they be allowed to enter your home or business.

SmarterBroadband's office is closed to the public. We will be working in order to maintain the network and keep service up and running. If you need us please drop us an email at or call our office 530-272-4000 option 3.

Network Congestion

Due to the unusually high volume of usage on our network from customers now having to work & do their schooling from home, and a huge increase in video streaming at all times of the day. the network is becoming stressed. We would like to ask everyone to try to reduce their video streaming / recording / downloading and gaming activity during work & school hours, which will help to reduce congestion.

Also please for now reduce the video quality settings on your streaming site. This document shows how to for some popular sites including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime etc.

   Streaming Settings

SmarterBroadband Portal

You can use our Portal to pay your bill.

Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions or would like assistance in setting up your access to the Portal.

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