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How do I setup Eudora to receive e-mail using POP3 protocol?

To set up Eudora you will need to have the following infomation;

Server Type: POP3
Incoming Server: pop.1and1.com
Outgoing Server: smtp.1and1.com

Account name/Username: your_email_name@sbbmail.com
Password: Your E-mail Password

1. Open Eudora. Click "Tools" and select "Options".

Eudora 1

2. Select "Getting Started" and enter the information in the area highlighted in

Eudora 2

3. Select "Checking Mail" and make sure the "Login Name" is: your_email_name@sbbmail.com.

Eudora 3

4. Select "Incoming Mail" and choose "POP".

Eudora 4

5. Choose "Never" for "Secure Sockets when Sending". Click "OK"

Eudora 5